It’s coming up on 1 month since I packed my car up and moved from Stillwater, OK. to Hampton VA.
This whole journey has literally been one of my biggest dreams come true. I am so excited about this journey and where I’m headed. I thank The Creator every day for this opportunity, and I thank The Universe for it happening right when it was supposed to.
Even with all this excitement and gratitude I am very homesick. Not homesick like you may think. I didn’t have a steady home in OK when I left, I had family and friends with houses I could crash at but I didn’t have a home to miss. Don’t get me wrong, I miss my family and my friends dearly but thats not what I’m taking about.
I’m talking about him.
_____ is home.
I miss ____.
I’m homesick.
It’s a literal aching inside me.
A longing.
I’m missing a piece.
Home is where the heart is.
_____ is where my heart is.
I’m homesick.



Send me links to dope music, no matter the genre.

Let me read your favorite book so I can learn more about you.

Write me letters.

Read to me.

Travel with me, even if it’s just an hour outside of town.

Let’s go to a museum, art, history, the choice is yours.

Wake with me and watch the sun rise.

Dance with me.

Sing to me.

Tell me your darkest secrets so that I can replace them with light.

Talk to the Moon with me.

Grow with me in a way that no one can tell us apart.