Safety First

A woman like me should come with a warning.


 I am a goddess. I am loud, intelligent, well read, open,  outspoken, attractive, passionate, alive, unpredictable, adventurous, entertaining, and unapologetically  Liv.

I will open you up. I will strip you to your Soul. I will Love you relentlessly. Everyday will be New. You will never wake up to the same Liv. I will explore you from inside out. I will be your mirror, showing you everything in you that you are unable to see for yourself, bad and good. I will Love you fast. I will Love you slow. I will set you Free.

Only if you’re ready. If you aren’t we won’t work. I’m too intense.

I commonly hear   “you’re a trip,” or “you’re something else” Once I heard “You are so damn Liv.”

I will leave you lost for words, without an accurate description of the feelings I invoke because you have NEVER and will NEVER meet another like me.

I AM NOT THE SAFE CHOICE but I AM a stellar choice. I’m out of this world, literally.

You’ve been warned.