I Am Love

I came to the realization that I Am Love. I now realize this is why I fall so hard so quickly for the men that I encounter in a romantic way. I breathe Love, I live Love, I ooze Love. Love is my truth. It’s who I am.
After being told for the fiftylebumth time to “take it slow, and guard your heart” I realized my heart is not to be guarded its to be shared.
Every man that I have ever given a piece of my heart to, deserved it, needed it, it was part of the Great Plan that The Creator mapped out for them. For whatever reason my role in their life was necessary for them to complete the path The Creator set for them. For many I was a pit stop, for some I was a hitchhiker that hung on with them until they got to the next stop. For One I will be a traveling partner for the remainder of his journey.
Realizing this set me free in so many ways. I’ve been hurt, scarred, and damaged by Love. This was no ones fault but my own. It’s my fault because I gave my Love with expectations. Love should have no rules and no expectations. Love should be given freely even if unreturned because Love will set you free as well as the person receiving your Love.
As I journey on the path to heal myself and to find my truth and share my truth I have to accept the fact that I Am Love. One of my jobs on this earth is to share my Love with everyone I come in contact with whether I know them for a quick second or a lifetime.
I Am Love.
The Creator designed me to share my Love with the Universe. I will not forfeit this position, I will gladly play my role in the Universe.