If you know me personally, you know I’m prone to retreating, often.
It’s something that I’ve grown to love about myself, but it’s also something that causes me to feel guilty when it comes to livunconventional. I feel guilty because I know consistency is key to building a brand and a follower base and I won’t pretend like it isn’t a goal of mine to do both.
The only thing about that is that it’s not authentic for livunconventional. I want my brand and tribe to grow organically, which still requires consistency.
I could force myself to pump out material at least 3x a week, I really could, but it wouldn’t be real and heart driven like the content I do produce.
I say all of this to explain my intermittent absences in a way that will hopefully create the space for those of you who ebb and flow in a similar way to embrace it and not feel guilty about it. I also want you to understand that this is my consistency.
I attribute my need for alone time to a few things, for one since 2013 alone time has been my saving grace. For two, my chart is more than half water. I have a Cancer moon and a Pisces rising so I’m naturally a homebody and easily able to live in the world that I’ve created within this 3D world. Having so much water in my chart makes me super intuitive and sensitive to energy. It also makes the depth of shadow work soul retrieval home for me. Going deep is my forte. I often have to check myself and make sure that my solitude is healthy and not destructive. I could easily build a permanent home in the dark, but life is about balance.
You know the idea of that “weirdo” that never leaves their home and rarely speaks? That could be me, and I’d be so fine with that, but I know that I incarnated in this time to connect, which is why I believe I was born with a Sagittarius sun, I needed that fiery boost to keep me from holing up off the grid on an island somewhere, forever.
Being so watery and sensitive also causes me to feel the effects of planetary shifts well in advance & because of that, I’ve been in all the feels since before the new moon in Leo on July 23 which ushered in the upcoming eclipse season. Mercury is also in its shadow period, set to station retrograde on August 12.
While I don’t plan to be off the map the entirety of the retrograde period, I will be honoring myself and my cycles and right now I’m in hermit mode.
As I’ve said before and will continue to say, livunconventional is an extension of me, she has her own energy, and I honor that.
The work that I’m doing is real, personal, and life changing, it would be irresponsible of me to bombard you with half baked blog posts for the sake of posting.
It’s my ultimate goal to have enough content to hold you when I disappear, because I will disappear.
When I disappear it’s for me. I have to always remind myself that I come first. In these times of retreat I’m receiving an influx of downloads and learning and living several lessons at once, and I must conserve my energy so that I am able to process it all. At the end of the day, I’m still human and when there are so many things being downloaded and released at the same time it can be completely exhausting, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. & on top of that, I still have to (choose to) participate in “regular life”.
I also find that in these periods I start several blog posts that may take a couple of weeks to fully develop.
Keep in mind that everything I share is something that I am actually experiencing and learning. I’m no master, I am a student. Consider me your tutor if you will, I teach you what I know based on my own experiences and personal knowledge, and from there I charge you to apply it in a way that fits you. Take what works, leave the rest.
Lately, I’ve been practicing surrender, and in doing so, I’m honoring this space I’m in, but also informing you, my tribe, that there are times that I will disappear, but know that it’s in the interest of the highest good of all involved. When you haven’t heard from me in a while, send a little (or a shit ton of) light my way, and know that I’m working, for me and for the collective. This work is bigger than me and I take it seriously.
So much gratitude to you for being here with me.

You are Love and You are Loved
Peace & Light


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