You Gon’ Get This Woo!

I used to struggle with showing all parts of me, and when I say used to, I mean like up till about two weeks ago. When I say all of me, I mean the me that’s woo woo as hell.

Finally, I said “BUMP THAT! YALL GON GET THIS WOO!”  I never had a problem being me on livunconventional because it was a brand, not necessarily ME. Right? Nah! I realized a long time ago that my brand IS ME. This brand is personal af. I AM Liv and I AM Unconventional. I was trying too hard to separate the two out of fear of Liv being rejected. Rejection has been a big one for me in my journey, I’m so grateful that I am now at a place where I can be impervious to it.

So I started posting my tarot pulls, crystals, tidbits about meditation, and what I believe about God on my personal Instagram page. Guess what? I’ve been steadily losing followers and I’m totally not dead or hurt because of it! I know that it is not a reflection of me as a soul or as a being incarnated on this plane at this time. It is a reflection of the other person and their perspective. I cannot and do not fault anyone for their worldview. I am also not responsible for how they perceive me because of it.

I know that sometimes seeing others be 100% themselves, even if they are being themselves doing something you’d never do, can spark insecurity if you feel like you can’t or aren’t being 100% yourself. I wish those that are still looking, or that have yet to start, the most love, they need it. I was there, for a long time. I would see people living in their truth and light and begin to feel envy and shame for not living my own.

I realized I was the only one stopping me from doing the same for myself. Me and my concern about what others would think. I let that go, and the amount of love and acceptance I’ve been shown, just from loving and accepting myself has been more than I could have ever conceived.

I understand that overcoming the people pleasing condition is not easy, it’s taken me at least three years of lots of digging and releasing to be comfortable enough with myself to do it. However, it can be done. & it can only be done if you start today. Start now. Start small. Start big. JUST START.

I want y’all to know that stepping fully into my light and showcasing all parts of me to the world, not just my livunconventional tribe, has really amped my life up in a major way.

Shining authentically and fearlessly, no matter what that looks like for you, is the key to leveling up. When you show the Universe that you are proud of you, and you Love you, you attract more Love into your life. & Love is all there is. Love is all you need. God is Love, therefore YOU are Love. So when you’re on a Love frequency and you move the way Love makes you move, you’re embodying the God in you. You’re making God moves.

When you make God moves miracles happen. (and I was in desperate need of some miracles.) Now miracles are all I expect and all I will accept.  I mean, how can I accept less knowing I am God?

So this has been like my coming out. I’m not hiding no mo! I am no longer afraid of how others will receive or perceive me because another’s opinion of me has more to do with them than me. I know my intentions are for the greatest good of all & that my heart is pure.

So allow me to properly introduce myself:

I’m Liv, I’m woo woo as fuck. I like to cuss. If I (or someone else) has a physical ailment I look up natural remedies as well as the metaphysical/energetic cause, because we gotta heal the root not treat the symptoms. My life is synchronistic as fizzuck. I like to use Pootie Tang slang in real life conversations. I can be hella petty. I’ll go left on your ass if I have to. I don’t fuck with spiritual bypass, you can’t love and light yourself out of doing the work. I embrace my shadow. I don’t cower (long) from the dark part of the work. I read energy very well. I’ve always had a very strong intuition, and I’m finally allowing it to be the gift that it is. I communicate with Spirit daily. I love tarot, astrology, crystals, sage, quantum physics, meditation, yoga, tai chi, reiki, psychic readings etc. As I communicate with you I am able to hear what you’re saying with my ears and feel what you’re REALLY saying with my heart. I read everyone, and it’s not something that I do on purpose, nor is it judgmental. I feel very deeply and I feel everything. I can feel my emotions physically. My imagination is top notch, I never stopped playing pretend. I am fiercely protective of those I love. I am extremely satisfied with my own company. I see through the veil, and it’s happening more often now that I don’t deny that aspect of myself. If I’m close enough to you (connection wise) I can pick up on things from you telepathically. (My best friend and I will spend hours together in silence and it’s like we’ve been having a full conversation, which makes our long distance relationship a lot easier because we are always with one another.) I love hard and I love deep, real deep… and now that I love myself that hard and deep, it doesn’t feel like a curse. I care for others the way I care for myself. I want for others ONLY what they want for themselves. I have FINALLY mastered the art of letting people go. Now that I am no longer deathly afraid of rejection, I don’t hold on to stagnant relationships out of fear that the other will feel rejected. I survived a childhood of emotional & verbal abuse. I survived poverty. I will NEVER tell you to do something I myself have never done. Although I am a future counselor I do not always agree with diagnosing young children. My purpose on this planet is to help people help themselves.

I could go on, but I’ll stop there. Here I am. This is me. & like it or not…


You are Love, and You are Loved,





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