Let Go!

“Let Go!”  THE buzzmantra in the Conscious Community. While this IS, in fact, the way to real transformation, I think it’s being promoted in a toxic way. I see a lot of people insisting that we all “let go” but not a lot of people sharing the nitty gritty of letting go.  They make it seem as if it’s as simple as saying “I release ___” and then you’ll be free of that thing, ready to skip off into the sunset.

I can only speak for myself, but when I began my conscious journey and decided to “let go”, it did not happen overnight. I did not wake up and say “I release all that is no longer serving me” and Poof! I was some sovereign liberated being no longer running on the wheel of karma. That is the exact opposite of what I experienced in the beginning, and at times still experience to this day.

What I’ve discovered is that letting go happens in stages. You are literally trying to release years, decades, hell even lifetimes of emotional trauma, conditioning, religious dogma, societal ideals, etc. Not to mention other people’s stuff that one can take on unconsciously. When you begin to work through and unravel these things you can only meet them as far as you’ve met yourself.

For me, when I began letting go, I did not know myself as deeply as I do now, so when I began to work through a block like low self-worth, for example, I could only do what I could handle at the time. So, I would meditate and get to what I understood to be the root cause of the issue, and work my way back forward, gently, reminding myself that I am worthy, immersing myself in self-care, and taking the time to cut energetic cords from what I discovered was no longer serving me. I will tell you the truth, even after all of that, I was not free of the block of low self-worth, I had, however, removed layers of it. Removing layers freed up space. In this space, I was shown other aspects of how low self-worth was still impacting my life.

In the beginning of my journey, I would beat myself up and ask the universe why this was something that I was still dealing with? Hadn’t commanding the release of low self-worth been enough?  Why wasn’t I able to just “let go” like so many in the conscious community instructed? Was I not doing enough? I felt this way because most of the people I viewed as leaders or experts in the conscious community made the process of letting go seem so easy.

As I’ve now come to know, yes it was enough, at that time. Being on a higher frequency, I had to meet that block again, work it from this new angle and chip a little more off of it. It is a cycle. It is a cycle that I am still in. I’ve been chipping at this block for almost 4  years, and the block is significantly smaller, but it would be completely unfair and damaging for me to expect to release a block that was implanted in childhood (or another lifetime, hello?!) and reinforced for 20+ years to be completely gone in 4 years, let alone in one meditation session focusing on releasing blocks.

This cycle is the work. Anytime I say that I am “doing the work” this is what I  mean. It is work. It is a constant unraveling of nearly everything you have known, in order to get to the core you, your pure divine essence.

I do the work, I always do the work, I will never stop doing the work. It is in the process of doing the work that you find yourself. Do not rush the letting go process because it is in this process that you learn the most. Do not rush your healing, no matter what it seems like other people are doing, attracting, manifesting, etc. No matter how many people try to make this journey look easy or like rainbows and sunshine 24/7. Stay the course, take your time, befriend your shadow, welcome the darkness as well as the light, be gentle and know that all things happen in Divine timing.

**Writing this made me realize something about the conscious community that is rarely talked about, spiritual elitism. It happens when one has been on the path for a while and have come to know a significant amount about doing the work, meditation, initiation, alchemy, etc. It happens when you start to ignore the human in you and you begin to speak as if you are “more enlightened” or whatever. It happens when you’ve done so much work you forget how it was when you first “woke up”. It’s how people become cult leaders that are fueled by ego. I see it every day, and in a future blog post, I will be discussing it. I consider myself a member of the conscious community and as such, I feel it important to speak on the topic, as a community, we have to check one another and check ourselves, ya know, before we wreck ourselves.

Thanks for reading.

You are Love and you are Loved,

Peace & Light



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