My 10 Steps to fearLESS living!

Originally written in November 2014 for

1) Understand what fear is.

You must understand that fear is embedded in every day life. It’s most commonly disguised as safety. Playing it safe is 9/10 giving in to fear, unless it pertains to physical safety in a situation. Don’t let being fearless get you hit by a car or something crazy. You aren’t invincible. Fear usually comes when it’s time to venture into the Unknown. You don’t know what’s out there so you create all the worst case scenarios and then you’re scared. Realize this.

2) Acknowledge the fear.

Don’t ignore the fear. Try to understand the fear. Ask yourself where it’s coming from. I bet you the fear isn’t even yours. It was probably given to you by your parents, friends, society, or religion. For example, think of a time you wanted to do something that you thought was amazing like, traveling to a foreign country and someone said “but it’s so expensive, or but you don’t know the language.” And you sat back and agreed. That person just gave you their fear and you accepted it as your own so now it is yours. You have to acknowledge the fear and find it’s source. Once you do that you can proceed to the next step.

3) Ask yourself is the fear helping or hurting me?

Fear isn’t always a bad thing, we humans have a great intuition and can therefore sense danger and that’s helpful. If the fear is helping you, like telling you a certain situation is not safe, follow the fear and move around. Like I said, don’t let being fearless get you killed on some silly shit. If the fear is keeping you in a comfort zone, it’s hurting you so see the next step.

4) Learn to have faith in yourself and the Universe.
Faith is a skill that you must nurture. We humans love to see and believe when we really have to believe in order to see. Often times fear keeps us in our comfort zone because we don’t know what will happen if we venture outside said comfort zone. (we lack faith) We can’t see into the Unknown so we stay away, we love what we already know and we stay there bc it’s secure. Well guys, nothing magical is born in security. The next step will tell you how to get out of this comfortable place.

5) Let the fear motivate you.

If you understand that the fear is keeping you stagnant, let it motivate you to move past it. Be comfortable with the Unknown. Consider yourself a pioneer, if you don’t know what’s out there, go find out. Be bold! It will either go really well, or it won’t. That’s the way of life. Which brings me to the next step

6) Move through the fear.

THIS IS THE HARDEST AND LONGEST STEP (at first, after a few months this will happen almost automatically) in this step you have to gather up every ounce of courage you have, every iota of faith, and you have to move. Consciously move through the fear, aware of everything in your space that can propel you forward or continue to hold you back. This includes people places and things. Give yourself the opportunity to see if the Unknown will be great or not because it’ll probably be really great and if it’s not you’ll be able to figure out why it isn’t because you’re now practicing conscious awareness. So not easy. Not easy, not quick. But possible. Have faith in yourself and the Universe. You have to know that you will be supported in a move towards growth.


You did it, you made it past that thing you never thought you’d make it through!

8) Say hello to God

God lives outside your comfort zone, success lives outside your comfort zone, REAL life is lived outside your comfort zone.

9) Repeat

Any time you feel fear creep up on you, follow these steps and face that fear, work through that fear, and overcome that fear.

10) Tell your story.

I’m from the school of each one teach one. You learn something that benefits you, I guarantee you someone else will benefit from it too. Let your story inspire someone else to move out of fearFULL living into fearLESS living. If everyone can begin to operate from Love (courage) and not Fear, the world as we know it will change. Help your neighbor. Your neighbor’s wealth will not affect yours. Remember that the flower does not worry about the beauty of the flower next to it, it just blooms or something like that. Don’t keep goodness to yourself. Spread goodness and goodness will return to you ten fold. Hoard goodness and it will rot and turn sour. Don’t be a hater. Be a motivator! (I’m a corn ball).

Im Liv and these are the steps that I take to live a fearLESS life. I’m not a licensed counselor (yet) or any authority on living, besides what I’ve lived myself. I would never offer advice on anything that I haven’t been through. This is what works for me. Fear creeps up on me ALL THE TIME but I run my fear. Fear doesn’t run me. That’s how I’m able to fear less. It’s not that I’m just out here like superwoman or anything. I’m just a Goddess outchea trying to live a bold ass life full of Love! I consciously choose to never be held back by the Unknown, I don’t let the what ifs keep me from doing what I desire to do. I’ve come to realize that I desire to do things that I am in fact supposed to do, so if I want it I go for it sometimes I fall, and that’s okay. You can’t always win, life is about balance. I venture into the Unknown with Love, Light, and Faith and 7/10 I end up on top, and boy does it feel good!! Give it a try the worst that can happen is that you stay exactly where you are now. To all that read this, I love you like God. I’m serious. I mean it. I love you. Peace & Light.


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